Who I Am

Name: Rob Dominguez
Background: Education | Technology | Web Development
My name is Rob Dominguez. I'm a full-stack developer from Birmingham, Alabama. I work at an independent school as the Director of Education Technology. I also teach courses in Geography and Computer Science.

This site is an amalgamation of all-things "me." If you're curious about my work, or the different services I provide, check out my build-section below.

Currently, I have several projects I'm engaged in, but I'm always ready to bring on more clients. Check out my work, get in touch, and let me see how I can help you create your next solution.

What I Build

I love building sleek, clean, cutting-edge UIs. Whether it's basic HTML/CSS or a modern framework like React, I have the expertise.

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I enjoy writing server-side logic and quick scripts to handle repetitive, automatable tasks. Python, Node, Powershell...I use them all.

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Need a fully-functional, full-stack site? This is my wheelhouse. I love taking the time to get to know a problem and create a solution with you.

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Front End Builds

$0 / mo

Absolutely no hosting fees.


A site that loads quickly.


Looks great on mobile.
Whether it's working on an existing site and helping you get your content perfect, or creating a new site from scratch, I offer a host of front end solutions for your website.

To make sure you get the best experience possible, I offer free hosting and can also purchase domains if needed. Already have a domain name? Migration to my free hosting service takes no time at all.

I also partner with a graphic designer with over a decade of experience who is capable of creating art, marketing, and branding materials.

Full-stack Builds



I love working with clients to find solutions to unique and complex problems. Full-stack solutions are web-applications that operate as an app or a program would, but in a web browser. This makes them accessible and available across devices and can meet all your needs.

Whether you're building an ecommerce site to sell your goods, or a blogging platform for your company, a full-stack solution enables you the freedom to operate how and where you want.

I have experience using modern frameworks like React: a full-stack solution that is used to build blazing fast web-apps. Additionally, I build sites with both Flask and Node: two reliable, industry-standard frameworks for creating web-servers.


Recent Work